If there is a problem during the customs clearance process (foreigner)


For foreigners, there are often problems during the customs process due to the omission of personal information.

**** 7customs is not a customs clearance company, so cannot handle your request. ****

You need to contact the customs clearance company to modify your personal information.

How to find the contact information for a customs clearance company.

1. Write your invoice in the top input box and click search.

2. You can see the contact number middle of page.

- Almost customs clearance companies has only contact number.

- If you hard to speak korean, Ask for help from the people around you who can speak Korean.

- It can be difficult to get through on the phone as many customs clearance companies do not have customer service centers. Keep trying.

3. If customs clearance company is 에이씨티앤코아(Act&Core)

You can contact using KakaoTalk

* Aliexpress - If you do not want problems during the customs process, follow the procedure below.

Go to My account -> Shipping Address

Set personal information like that
Recipient’s name, Recipient’s phone number, Recipient’s passport code or foreign registration number.

*** The Important things is the all information must be same with Recipient’s information


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